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Our products are available for sale from our website @ Art for Sale, as prints, framed and canvas prints and as many other products. They are also available from our shop @ Fine Art America and Fine Art Metamorphosis at Society 6.


All models courtesy of Gold Coast Photographic Society. None of the images are for sale.

None of the images are available for sale.


The aim of this gallery is to tell you that virtually anything can be a “target” for your camera.

  • Some people specialize in one field of photography only – some don’t.
  • Photography is the journey through different experiences and camera is the tool to register them.
  • I love to travel so camera is my constant companion, faithfully recording memories to share.
  • I love architecture, so I take pictures of buildings or monuments which impressed me.
  • I love nature, be it giant Tortoise or small flower of native plant, hence some macros in this gallery.